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Please click on the download and/or view icons below to download and/or view our work templates. They help you create designs that correctly fit the perimeters of the packaging, or the live screen-printing area of the CD ROM, DVD and Shaped CD. Also find CD-R, DVD-R and Diskette recommended label templates.

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Call your Universal Customer Service Representative if your proposed template is not listed.
Template Number
  Description View Download
9011 2 Page Folder
9000 4 Page Folder
9001 6 Page Folder
9002 8 Page Folder Square
9003 8 Page Folder Barrel Fold
9004 TrayCard
9006 CD Slimline Single
9007 CD Slimline Double
9008 8 Page Folder Accordian Fold
9009 8 Page Folder Gate Fold
9300 CD Wallet
9301 Bookstyle /1 CD Wallet
9302 4 Panel / 2 CD Wallet
9303 CD Mailer
9304 Bookstyle CD Mailer w/Tear Strip
9509 Easy Tear CD Wallet
9319 CD Wallet Mailer
9520 6 Panel CD Wallet Single
9521 6 Panel CD Wallet Double
9524 CD Quicksleeve
9535 Digilite
9305 CD Rom Software Carton XL Size
9306 CD Rom Software Carton XXL Size
9307 CD Rom Software Carton XXXL Size
9531 XL Bookstyle Software Retail Carton
9308 CD ROM Bookstyle Carton XXL Size
9528 Software Retail Carton
9529 Straight Tuck Software Retail Carton
9522 STE Software Retail Carton
9525 Reverse Tuck Software Retail Carton
9530 Auto Glued Bottom Software Retail Carton
9526 Auto Glued Bottom Software Retail Carton
9527 Auto Glued Bottom Software Retail Carton
9312Z 2 CD Slipcase (Jewel Case)
9313Z 3 CD Slipcase (Jewel Case)
9314Z 4 CD Slipcase (Jewel Case)
9315Z 5 CD Slipcase (Jewel Case)
9316Z 6 CD Slipcase (Jewel Case)
9317 CD Butterfly pak
9318 CD Butterfly pak Sleeve
A5402 Omni Pack - Six Panel, 3 Trays    
A5403 Omni Pack - Six Panel, 2 Trays with Pocket    
A5404 Omni Pack - Four Panel, One Tray with Pocket    
A5405 Omni Pack - Four Panel, One Tray, No Pocket    
A5406 Omini Pack - Four Panel, Two Trays    
9502 Laser Disc Jacket
9503 CD Laserfile Jewel Box
9504 Laserfile DVD
9505 Laserfile DVD Multipage Booklet
9506 Amaray DVD Insert
9507 Alpha Pak DVD Insert
9508 Super Jewel Case
9510Z Amaray Slipcase 2 Pack Sideload
9511Z Amaray Slipcase 3 Pack Sideload
9512Z Amaray Slipcase 4 Pack Sideload
9513Z Amaray Slipcase 5 Pack Sideload
9514Z Amaray Slipcase 8 Pack Sideload
9536 Single Amaray Long Box
9537 Double Amaray Long Box
9538 Double Alpha Pak DVD Insert
9539 Amaray DVD Booklet (Front Cover)
9540 Alpha Pak DVD Booklet (Front Cover)
8000 CD / DVD Imprint – Standard  
8010 Mini CD Imprint  
8020 Business Card CD Imprint  
8030 Straight Oval CD / DVD – 40 MB (Hockey Puck)  
8040 Straight Oval CD / DVD – 50 MB (Hockey Puck)  



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